Lee Harrison

March 27th, 2017 by Nicola Courtin

Lee has established a successful career in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. He manages investor relations in capital raising. One of Lee’s best traits is his natural ability to build relationships and the team at Classroom of Hope has seen this first hand. Lee has joined our team as a Board Director because he believes that education gives people the confidence to think critically and freedom for independence. With education, people have more opportunity to find work that they love and that they are passionate about. With passion and purpose, people are driven to work hard and to achieve more than they have ever accomplished before. In his spare time, Lee likes to box and play football. Interesting fact, Lee represented his country (England) in boxing when he was in his early 20’s. He also loves to spend time with his girlfriend and his 12-year-old, 6ft tall son! Lee is the largest, scaredy-cat you will ever meet! He has an intense fear of spiders and most insects. His favourite cartoon is Popeye an when he was in school his favourite subject was history. Don’t get him talking about WWII (unless you’ve got lots of time to kill)!

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