Geoff Bartlett

November 11th, 2015 by admin

Geoff is one of those rare and fortunate polymaths. Really, this guy knows a lot about a whole lot of stuff. His wide range of expertise is one of the many reasons he is not only one of our field photographers but has also helped Classroom of Hope immensely with our IT. Geoff brings two decades of IT experience, phenomenal photography skills and a passion for positive change to Classroom of Hope. Driven by a desire for a just world, Geoff believes education is a right that all children should have equal opportunity to access. When he’s not helping us save the world, Geoff spends his time testing out photographic concepts on his family, riding his motorbike, swimming, practicing yoga and discussing economics with his wife. Interesting fact: Geoff’s been slapped on the back by a gorilla in a Rwandan jungle. Don’t believe us? See for yourself

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