Meeting Mr. Bai

We met Ban Bai in November 2013 in the remote village of Prek Trob, Cambodia.

This young boy had quit school to help provide for his family, but what he really wanted was to be in school with his friends.

Our generous supporters are the reason he was given a second chance at receiving an education.

Bai’s story is common.

In rural Cambodia, the drop out rate from primary school is 10.9% and 23.2% at the lower secondary level.

Back in school

Bai now attends the grade 2 classes at Prek Trob. He should be in grade 5 but he has some catching up to do. Affectionately, Ban Bai has been nicknamed Mr. Bai because he is taller than his classmates. He does not mind. He is just happy to be in school, learning and making friends.