SDN 4 Taman Sari Block School

In partnership with Block-Solutions and Pelita Foundation, we built 1 Block School consisting of 6 classrooms.

Project Outputs

  • 132
  • 2
  • 6
  • 7.35
    Tonnes of Plastic Recycled

About SDN Taman Sari Block School

SDN 4 Taman Sari Block School consists of 5 fully furnished classrooms with desks and chairs, whiteboards, a filing cabinet, and a storage cupboard. This permanent structure provides a safer and more motivating learning environment for 132 students and 12 teachers. Parents will feel comfortable knowing that this Block School is earthquake-resistant, which will encourage them to allow their children to pursue education. The construction of the new building emphasises the importance of education to the whole community and provides an incentive for the children to complete their primary education.

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