Darul Musthafa Islamic Primary School Proposal

Darul Musthafa Islamic Primary School is located in a remote farming village in the Gangga region of North Lombok, Indonesia. The school was set up by the local community, as the village is very remote and it was too far for students to walk to the nearest school. It has four class groups, but no permanent classrooms. The students are currently sharing two temporary classrooms, and some space at the nearby kindergarten. The school’s 10 teachers are also without an office to meet and plan learning activities. The current conditions are very uncomfortable and unconducive to teaching or learning.

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COHI hopes to improve the conditions for the students and teachers at Darul Musthafa by providing a new Block building comprising three classrooms and one staff room. The rooms will be connected with common walls and will feature an open terrace along the font. The building will be built using recycled plastic blocks, which are earthquake safe and certified to last at least 100 years. By using these blocks for the construction of the walls, we will be removing between four and six tonnes of plastic waste from the environment. The building will feature aluminium doors and window frames, galvanised metal roofing and floors finished in white ceramic tiles. They will be fully furnished with desks, chairs, fans, whiteboards and storage. We will engage a trusted local building contractor to coordinate the construction. There is ample space on site for the construction of the new building, and access to the site, while narrow and unsealed, is possible with a small pickup. As this is a public school, the government manages the teachers’ training and salaries. The school staff and community will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the new school building. These new, fully equipped and sustainable classrooms will allow the students of Darul Musthafa Islamic Primary School the space to learn in a safe and comfortable environment well into the future.

Jimmy Hutasoit - Project Manager Yayasan Classroom of Hope Indonesia

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