Ou Sralao Lech Primary School

Our local partner, Child's Dream, built 1 new concrete school building consisting 4 classrooms for 324 students in the Battambang Province of Western, Cambodia

Project Outputs

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About Ou Sralao Lech Primary School

Ou Sralao Lech Primary School is located in Vat Tamim Commune, Sang Kae District, Battambang Province, Western Cambodia. Established in 1979, Ou Sralao Lech Primary School had 2 school buildings (1 made of concrete and 1 made of wood), with a total of 8 classrooms. The concrete building, which was built in 2002 with 3 classrooms, is still in good shape and can last for some more years. The wooden building with 5 classrooms, however, was fast deteriorating and posed a great risk to the safety of the children. The temporary structure was supported by substandard timber columns bolted on concrete piers, with concrete foundation walls, wooden slat upper walls, and terracotta roof shingles. The concrete foundation walls were severely cracked and on the verge of collapsing. The wooden slat upper walls were infested by termites. The students clearly lacked a safe and suitable infrastructure to focus on their learning. On 30 May 2018, construction started of a new school building with 4 fully furnished classrooms, to replace the ramshackle building with 5 classrooms for a safer and more motivating learning environment for the students. The construction of the new building emphasises the importance of education to the whole community and provides an incentive for the children to complete their primary education.

"A school building is not only providing access to a secure learning environment for children but also contributing to the long-term development of individuals and society."

Khlok Yem - Director Cambodia - Child's Dream

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