Kanseng Primary School

Our local partner, Child's Dream, built 1 new concrete school building consisting of 5 classrooms and 6 toilets for 476 students in Kanseng Village in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.

Project Outputs

  • 476
  • 5
  • 6

Kanseng Primary School

Kanseng Primary School is located in Kanseng Village and was established in 1979 with a small temporary school building of two classrooms. The school currently serves 476 students (247 boys and 229 girls) ranging in age from six to twelve years old with 16 employed teachers(6 males and 10 females). The school grounds contained four buildings with a total of eight classrooms and five toilets. One of the buildings, with three classrooms, was built in 2002 out of concrete and was evaluated as safe and in reasonable good condition. The other three buildings, however, were evaluated as extremely unsafe for the students and teachers. One of the buildings built in 1993 out of concrete and wood with three classrooms was completely rotten and on the verge of collapsing. The other two smaller buildings which were built by the community in 2019 and 2020 to alleviate overcrowding were also deemed unsafe. Zinc sheet metal was used for the roof and walls creating an extremely hot environment inside the classrooms. The classroom conditions impeded student and teacher development and were also a major health concern. Good intentions and efforts were made by the community to alleviate overcrowding, however, a sounder and safer structure of quality materials and design is required to keep students and teachers safe and thriving in the harsh Cambodian weather. We offered our best solution for addressing the above critical issues by constructing one fully-furnished school building with five classrooms. The construction of the new school building encouragesthe students to fully participate in their schooling and will emphasize the importance of education to the whole community. Replacing the unsafe buildings with a new building creates a positive, safe and encouraging space to learn, grow and develop for both students and teachers. We also built six new toilets to proactively accommodate a growing student population ensuring that hygiene related illnesses are minimalized.

"A school building is not only providing access to a secure learning environment for children but also contributing to the long-term development of individuals and society."

Khlok Yem - Director Cambodia - Child's Dream

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