Child-Friendly Schools Kampong Cham

We developed 15 schools in the Kampong Cham Province of Cambodia to become Child-Friendly with our local NGO partner Kampuchea Action to Promote Education (KAPE).

Project Outputs

  • 5090
  • 15
  • 2
  • 2
    Water Facilities

About Child-Friendly School in Kampong Cham, Cambodia

Classroom of Hope adopted UNICEF’s Child-Friendly School (CFS) model which is founded on the principle that schools should operate in the best interest of the child. Educational environments must be safe, healthy and protective, endowed with trained teachers, adequate resources and appropriate physical, emotional and social conditions for learning. Learning environments must be a haven for children to learn and grow, with an innate respect for their identities and various needs. The CFS model promotes inclusiveness, gender-sensitivity, tolerance, dignity and personal empowerment. This program ended in March 2019 after the completion of 15 Child-friendly schools.

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