Block Home #3 – Siah Family

In partnership with Block-Solutions and Yayasan Classroom of Hope Indonesia, we built 1 Block Home consisting of 3 bedrooms for a family of 4 people.

Project Outputs

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  • 4
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    Tons of Plastic Waste

About Block Home #3 - Siah Family Home

Pak Siah lives with his wife and adult two children in Kopang Village, Central Lombok, Indonesia. Kopang sits on fertile land at the base of Lombok’s picturesque earthquake, Mount Rinjani, and most people here make their living growing and selling rice. Pak Siah’s family members work as farmers and informal government employees, so their income level is low. The family’s home has been in severe disrepair for many years and was further damaged by the 2018 earthquakes.


Classroom of Hope Indonesia recently constructed a new 36m2 Block home for Pak Siah and his family, using recycled plastic blocks from Block Solutions. The family camped in a tent alongside their property as their old house was demolished and their new Block home constructed. The local building contractor and his team completed the home in just two weeks and finished it off with some simple landscaping, creating a welcoming space for its new inhabitants.

"Rebuilding homes that were affected by the earthquake in Lombok in 2018 is an extraordinary thing. Rebuilding these homes using bricks from recycled plastic waste and making them a quality, environmentally friendly, safe and earthquake-resistant learning place is a miracle."

Jimmy Hutasoit - Yayasan Classroom of Hope Indonesia

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