AndoungTrach Primary School

Our local partner, Children's Action for Development, built 1 new concrete school building consisting 4 classrooms for 272 students in the Battambang Province of Western, Cambodia

Project Outputs

  • 272
  • 4
  • 2

About Andoung Trach Primary School

Andoung Trach Primary School now has a new school building with four fully furnished classrooms for a safer and more motivating learning environment. Two new toilets have also been built to improve sanitation standards and prevent hygiene-related illnesses.  The provision of a new school building underlines the importance of education to the children as well as the whole community and will encourage them to attend school regularly. We also expect a decline in dropout rates among primary level students. With a quality learning environment parents from Andoung Trach Village are encouraged to allow their children to pursue education and children are incentivised to continue and finish their primary education.

"Developing schools is the most important thing we can do to improve education quality for all children, especially children from disadvantaged groups."

Racky - Executive Director - CAD

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