Ampil High School – Computer Lab

Our local partner, Child's Dream, built a fully-equipped computer laboratory with 31 computers, 31 headsets, 1 printer, 1 LCD projector, 2 air conditioner units and furniture in Ampil Village in north-eastern Cambodia.

Project Outputs

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About Ampil High School Computer Lab

Ampil High School is located in Ampil Village in north-eastern Cambodia. The school grounds and buildings were in good condition and students had been receiving a good education; however, the school did not have any computer laboratory nor any modern technology to teach the students valuable IT skills. This was a huge barrier for the students in their pursuit of academic or professional progress. 

To support the development of the school’s computer training program, our local partner, Child’s Dream, converted an existing classroom into a fully-equipped computer laboratory. Installation began in early May 2022 and was completed by mid-July 2022. 

"A school building is not only providing access to a secure learning environment for children but also contributing to the long-term development of individuals and society."

Khlok Yem - Director Cambodia - Child's Dream

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