Give by Bank Wire

Account name: Classroom of Hope Limited
Swift Code: NATAAU3303M
Account number: 761204614
BSB: 086-006
Bank address: 100 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA, 6000, Australia

If you make a wire transfer then please add your name or company name as a reference and
email the following details to us:
Name, Address, Donation amount, Date of donation

Email details to: [email protected] and [email protected]

Give by Shares

Did you know you can donate shares instead of cash?

ShareGift Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that provides shareholders with the opportunity to sell their shares and donate the proceeds to charity.

Donating through ShareGift Australia means you don’t have to engage a stockbroker, there are no brokerage fees and if the proceeds of your shares sale exceed $100, you can even nominate Classroom of Hope to benefit from ShareGift Australia’s funding.

All you have to do is complete and sign the share sale donation form available by clicking here and remember to nominate Classroom of Hope.

Donate Shares now by clicking here

Classroom of Hope is an Australian registered charity and Public Benevolent Institution. Endorsed with DGR ITEM 1 status.
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