Meet the Board

The head masters who lend us their wisdom

Colin Mackay-Coghill


Colin has had a 20-year career as one of Perth’s leading market communications specialists. After long and productive tenures at BC+Y, The Brand Agency and Renegade Marketing Communications (which he owned and operated), Colin joined Marketforce as Senior Partner and he is now a partner at Yappy Group. Throughout his successful career he has lost his hair, his sixpack and a couple of rugby grand finals. However, he also gained a wife, a couple of kids, finally won a few grand finals (7 in fact) and joined the Classroom of Hope board as our Chairman. In life, Colin believes that true freedom comes from self-determination, which is only possible through education. In business, Colin’s philosophy is that regardless of industry, sector or size, the people drive success. We are fortunate to have this experienced leader and innovative thinker guiding the Classroom of Hope board and team through our journey.

Sarah Carne

Board Director

Sarah is a marketing and communications whiz and currently works at the Water Corporation as a member of the internal communications team. She also administers a community support program called Wavemakers, which helps provide clean water for developing communities both in Western Australia and overseas. While Sarah has done a great deal of volunteer work, she had one experience at an orphanage and school in Mombasa that affected her profoundly. It was during this time that it became obvious to her that education is the key to reducing poverty. Sarah believes that the CoH team and our supporters can inspire children to dream big and we can also give them the tools to follow those dreams. Sarah is an avid sports spectator, especially rugby and AFL. She loves travel, exercise, writing and all things French. Oh, and if you happen to be planning a wedding, Sarah is currently studying to be a marriage celebrant.

Karen Wellington

Board Director

Karen is a Project and Program manager passionate about enabling individuals, teams and organisations to connect, learn and create. Currently, Karen works for the Fogarty Foundation leading the WA development of the CoderDojo program; an open source social education movement that enables free, volunteer-run computer programming clubs for children. She is also studying towards a Masters in Community Development and a Certificate of Social Impact. Perth born and raised, Karen is a little unconventional, creative and determined and we love having her inspiring energy on our board. Her motivation for being a part of Classroom of Hope is that within every child is the possibility of greatness. Karen believes that when access to quality education is restored, human potential is unleashed. A few more interesting facts about Karen: she taught English in Japan, loves rock-climbing, is an avid reader and is the second youngest child in a family of 7 children.

Jamie Davison

Board Director

Jamie is our numbers guy. He takes care of COH’s financial business and we all sleep well at night knowing we’ve got Jamie on top of our numbers and figures. Jamie is the founder of Carbon Group – a one stop shop for businesses to handle accounting, bookkeeping, business systems, insurance and finance. When he’s not crunching numbers Jamie loves to travel, do Crossfit, play poker and hang with his wife, Bec, whose guilty pleasure is watching reality TV shows. Bec and Jamie had their first child last year, so that’s keeping them pretty busy too. To Jamie, education is our future. With a focus on education we can change the lives of children living in developing countries. Those children may be the young leaders of their country in the future and they can then enact further change themselves. Education, says Jamie, is the lever that allows us to create a movement that is far beyond changing a single child’s life, it can change the world.