Meet the Board

The head masters who lend us their wisdom

Warren Salamone


Warren is a founding Director of Cobalt Group (Australia) which is a niche provider of organisational change management, business transformation and performance improvement services to leading organisations in their respective industries. Warren joins the Classroom of Hope board as our chairman with a wealth of knowledge that is helping to expand and grow our charity. We feel fortunate to have this natural leader leading our board of directors and guiding our organisation. To Warren, education is opportunity. He truly values and appreciates the opportunities education has provided to him and he encourages everyone to maximise their potential through educating themselves and helping to educate others. When Warren was in school his favourite subjects were woodwork and physics. In his spare time, you’re likely to find Warren in the water (either surfing or swimming), playing guitar and spending time with his two sons, daughter and lovely wife.

Suzanne Budalich

Board Director

Sue’s career has revolved around empowering people and enabling organisations to develop, drive and deliver the transformation that maximises their performance. Mastering the strategic, management, leadership and collaborative skills to do this has taken more than 25 years of professional practise in effective and efficient community development policy and program design, implementation and evaluation; and service delivery at the highest levels including:  State and federal governments; private industry and in urban and regional operating areas. Sue feels privileged to be a Classroom of Hope Board member as it completely aligns with her sense of purpose to help empower people; particularly young people and through education. Sue believes that in building schools and helping improve access to education, Classroom of Hope helps turn dreams into reality.

Maddison Billinghurst

Company Secretary

Maddison in her professional capacity is a Chartered Accountant who works at a leading accounting firm Grant Thornton where she is a Manager in the Financial Advisory Division and specialises in restructuring/insolvency. In addition, Maddison is part of the Restructuring & Insolvency Network Western Australia (RINWA) Committee designed to promote diversity in the insolvency industry and provide opportunities for professional network growth. In joining Classroom of Hope as the Company Secretary, Maddison brings energy, passion and a genuine desire to ‘give back’. Maddison is a firm believer that education is the gateway to personal and economic development and opens doors that once were never available. When not in the city working, Maddison enjoys spending time with her family in the country and traveling.

Alexis Guillot

Board Director

Alexis is an experienced not-for-profit company director and currently serves in a key leadership role in local government, responsible for coordinating a multi-million-dollar portfolio of projects encompassing infrastructure, social capital, economic development, and diversification. In his free time, Alexis has fun hanging out with his wife Sarah and their 10-month-old boy Oliver. He also enjoys reading governance and legal articles, property investment, and swing dancing. He actually met his wife swing dancing! They enjoy the energy and traditional style of lindy hop swing. When Alexis was in school his favourite subjects were science and biology. For Alexis, education is one of the few things that has proven to have a truly transformative impact on peoples lives, helping them to realise their true potential, reduce inequality, and, over time, build fair and equitable societies. Alexis’s favourite superhero is Batman because he is complex, fierce and without super powers.

Lee Harrison

Board Director

Lee has established a successful career in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. He manages investor relations in capital raising. One of Lee’s best traits is his natural ability to build relationships and the team at Classroom of Hope has seen this first hand. Lee has joined our team as a Board Director because he believes that education gives people the confidence to think critically and freedom for independence. With education, people have more opportunity to find work that they love and that they are passionate about. With passion and purpose, people are driven to work hard and to achieve more than they have ever accomplished before. In his spare time, Lee likes to box and play football. Interesting fact, Lee represented his country (England) in boxing when he was in his early 20’s. He also loves to spend time with his girlfriend and his 12-year-old, 6ft tall son! Lee is the largest, scaredy-cat you will ever meet! He has an intense fear of spiders and most insects. His favourite cartoon is Popeye an when he was in school his favourite subject was history. Don’t get him talking about WWII (unless you’ve got lots of time to kill)!

Sean Edwards

Board Director

Sean brings a wealth of business and technology experience to our board. His education culminated in a degree in Engineering which enabled him to enjoy a successful corporate career in technology, ultimately reaching his goal of Chief Information Officer for a major company. In his free time, you can find Sean swimming at the beach, competing in triathlons, travelling and spending time with his beautiful wife and their 5 teenage children. When Sean was in school his favourite subjects were Maths, Physics and Sport. Sean is passionate about education because he believes that education enables people to fulfill their desires and continually learn, improve and achieve. Sean’s favourite superhero is Batman because he has no special powers.