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Together we can create a cleaner world, one where children thrive in safe and uplifting schools.

Cultivate your company’s change-making legacy

At Classroom of Hope, we’re passionate about partnering with organisations dedicated to creating purposeful change. Supporting us means more than backing a cause – it’s about generating positive outcomes, enhancing employee relations, and building a strong and meaningful connection with your customers. From community fundraisers to official brand partnerships, we’re eager to explore the many ways we can work together to create a lasting and transformative impact. 


Improve your ESG by funding Block Schools

Building Block Schools recycles plastic waste and reduces carbon emissions. We track environmental impact indicators to link to your ESG. 

Strategic giving tailored to fit your business

Contribute by donating directly from your CSR budget, committing to a fixed monthly contribution, or sponsoring a specific project initiative.

Start a company campaign or fundraiser

Get everyone on board – your dedicated employees, valued customers and clients – and team up for a shared and exciting fundraising goal!

Be a part of the family and join
The Block

Enroll your company for regular giving. Share monthly impact reports with your entire team so they can be a part of the impact journey. 

As an individual and business owner guiding a community of fellow entrepreneurs on their path to success, partnering with Classroom of Hope feels like a natural evolution. Our collaboration goes beyond business—it’s about building schools from recycled plastics in a developing country, resonating deeply with our commitment to social responsibility and highlighting the transformative impact businesses can have. Investing in education through sustainable practices represents a forward-thinking approach to community development. The partnership fosters a sense of collective impact within the Business Benchmark Group community, magnifying the reach and effectiveness of our charitable efforts. Supporting Classroom of Hope is a testament to our community’s heartfelt dedication to making meaningful contributions to underprivileged areas.”

Stefan Kazakis
Business Benchmark Group

Build schools. Upcycle plastic waste. Reduce carbon.


Employer donation matching

Classroom of Hope is a registered non-profit on the Benevity platform. 

Ask your employer how to multiply the impact of your charitable giving trough Benevity.


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