When children get to go to school in secure environments, they thrive!


Make a real impact on the lives of children.

As a School Sponsor, you have the power to transform students’ lives and join us in our journey to rebuild earthquake-damaged schools in Lombok, Indonesia.

Currently, many students lack a permanent or functional classroom. Instead, they study in temporary structures built in the wake of the disaster, which are now deteriorating and offer inadequate protection from the hot sun and rain. 

By supporting us, you enable the construction of earthquake-resistant Block Schools, providing children with a safe environment where they can focus on learning.



You make a donation

Construction costs range from USD$12,000 to $14,000 per classroom, varying by location. Your donation influences the number of classrooms we can build at a school.


We match you with a school

A member of our team will be in touch to allocate your generous donation to an appropriate school project and share comprehensive details about the selected school.


You see the impact

We’ll keep you updated about the construction progress and provide a completion report. You’re more than welcome to visit the finished school and see your impact first hand!


Sponsor a classroom project instead!


When deciding where your donation will be allocated, we prioritise areas based on the most urgent need. Currently, our primary focus is on rebuilding schools in Lombok, Indonesia, where 117 schools require support following the earthquakes. We’ve already reconstructed over 20 of these schools and are continuously assessing the remaining schools with our local partner. Your donation will go towards addressing the urgent needs identified in these communities, ensuring that funds are allocated where they are needed most.

Yes, you have some flexibility in choosing the school your donation supports! We can provide you with project proposals that align with the highest priority needs and fit within your donation budget. From the selection we send you, you can choose the project that resonates with you the most!

We  firmly believe in locally driven, sustainable initiatives. Our schools are implemented by our trusted local NGO partners and constructed by skilled local contracting teams. While our trained contractors handle the assembly of blocks, community involvement is encouraged and appreciated. In many cases, members of the school community lend a hand by assisting with tasks such as unloading blocks from transport trucks, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in the project.

The primary challenges or delays we encounter are often related to weather conditions. In Indonesia, the heavy wet season can significantly impede our building projects, causing delays in construction timelines.

Absolutely! We highly encourage and facilitate donor visits to the schools they have generously supported. There’s truly nothing more impactful than witnessing the difference firsthand and meeting the children whose lives have been positively impacted by your generosity.

We appreciate your willingness to help! However, we don’t engage volunteers in building schools for two important reasons. Firstly, relying on volunteers could take away job opportunities from our local contracting teams, who depend on this work for their livelihood. Additionally, our local contractors have undergone specialised training to work with block technology, ensuring the quality and safety of the construction process. That said, if you fund a school and wish to visit during its construction, you are welcome to place a few blocks yourself! It’s a fun and memorable experience, similar to building with adult Lego bricks!



Our mission is to rebuild earthquake-damaged schools using blocks made from recycled plastic waste. By implementing Block Schools, we create earthquake-resistant educational facilities while removing 1-2 tons of plastic waste from the environment per classroom.

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