Eco-Block Schools

Eco-Block Schools

We build schools on Lombok, Indonesia with blocks made from recycled plastic waste.

Why Build Eco-Block Schools?

Because it cleans up plastic pollution and provides children with a quality learning environment.

Indonesia is the world’s second-largest contributor to plastic pollution, generating roughly 24,500 tons of plastic waste per day. Each classroom we build removes 2-3 tons of plastic waste from the environment and provides a safe, earthquake-resistant learning environment where children can thrive.

About the Blocks:

  • Lighter, more resistant, and more flexible than conventional bricks
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic waste
  • Affordable, non-toxic, and more durable than conventional bricks
  • Types of plastic recycled include PE, PP, and PET
  • Easy to assemble (Think adult Legos!)
  • Lasts for 100+ years certified by Block Solutions
  • Carbon footprint is close to zero

About Eco-Block Schools:

  • Easy to assemble (just like adult Legos)
  • 2-5 hours to build 1 classroom
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Foundations are made from concrete
  • Galvanized roof
  • Wooden desks and chairs
  • Glass windows
  • Wooden doors
  • Steel rods and U-Beams to reinforce the structure

Sustainable Development Goals

Eco-Block Schools target 11 of the 17 UN Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Where we build Eco-Block Schools