Many decades of discrimination, inequality, and political as well as social conflicts in rural Eastern Myanmar have resulted in poor governance of infrastructure (e.g. roads, water and sanitation facilities, schools and medical facilities) as well as inadequate provision of fundamental services, particularly access to quality education within remote and indigenous areas.

The progress we've made in Myanmar

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    Schools Built
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    Water Facility
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Access to Education

Every child deserves access to quality education and a safe and secure learning environment is essential for educational success. It has been proven that education is one of the most important factors to eradicating poverty. Education is the building block of every society and we believe education is a fundamental human right, not a privilege of few.

"Infrastructure developments, such as school buildings, are a very important part of soft skill development in the education system, not only strengthening the quality but also the relevance of education in our country" 

Tint Maw - Country Director Myanmar - Child's Dream

Our Schools in Myanmar

School School Category Completion Date
Saung Ton Post Primary School School Building October 2021
Laung Kaing Branched High School School Building September 2020
Ba Hoe Middle School School Building July 2020
Rural Indigenous Sustainable Education (RISE) School Building February 2020
Par Moon Primary School School Building November 2019
Tin Hted High School School Building August 2019
Nand Ngainge Branched Primary School School Building December 2018