Cambodia is one of the poorest and least developed countries in South-East Asia, with low adult literacy and high drop out in primary and secondary schools. While main cities have plenty of quality schools, in rural communities there is still a significant need for access to quality infrastructure like school buildings, toilets and water facilities.

The progress we've made in Cambodia

  • 19
    Schools Built
  • 27
    Child-Friendly Schools
  • 17404
    Students Served
  • 823
    Scholarships Provided
  • 87
    Classrooms Built
  • 79
  • 15
    Water Facilities
  • 26

Access to Education

Every child deserves access to quality education and a safe and secure learning environment is essential for educational success. It has been proven that education is one of the most important factors in eradicating poverty. Education is the building block of every society and we believe education is a fundamental human right, not a privilege of few.

"Developing schools is the most important thing we can do to improve education quality for all children, especially children from disadvantaged groups."

Racky - Executive Director - CAD

Our Schools in Cambodia

SchoolSchool CategoryCompletion Date
Buo KhnarPrimary SchoolSchool BuildingJanuary 2023
Ampil High School – Computer LabSchool BuildingJuly 2022
Deichou Akpivath Primary SchoolSchool BuildingDecember 2021
Banteay Meanrith Primary SchoolSchool BuildingDecember 2021
Kanseng Primary SchoolSchool BuildingDecember 2021
Preak Trob Primary SchoolSchool BuildingOctober 2021
Khum Koh Chivaing Primary SchoolSchool BuildingJune 2021
Tual Lvieng Primary SchoolSchool BuildingDecember 2020
Svay Leu High SchoolSchool BuildingOctober 2020
Prey Khpos Primary SchoolSchool BuildingMay 2020
Rolum Ro Primary SchoolSchool BuildingApril 2020
Ko Koh Primary SchoolSchool BuildingFebruary 2020
AndoungTrach Primary SchoolSchool BuildingDecember 2019
Prasat Toek Khmao Primary SchoolSchool BuildingMay 2019
Keo Pich Primary SchoolSchool BuildingMarch 2019
Ek Phnom Primary SchoolSchool BuildingNovember 2018
Ou Sralao Lech Primary SchoolSchool BuildingAugust 2018
Banteay Meanrith Primary SchoolSchool BuildingAugust 2018
O’Romdeng Primary SchoolSchool BuildingJuly 2017
Child Friendly Schools BattambangChild-Friendly Schools2013-2019
Child-Friendly Schools Kampong ChamChild-Friendly Schools2012-2015