Building Schools

Building Schools

We build schools to ensure that our students have access to a quality learning environment where they can thrive.

Why Build Schools?

It’s simple really. Children need a quality learning environment.

Every child deserves access to quality education and a safe and secure learning environment is essential for educational success. Education is one of the most important factors in eradicating poverty and is the building block of every society. We believe education is a fundamental human right, not a privilege of few.

The Challenges:

  • Low school enrolment and attendance rates
  • High school dropout rates
  • Lack of educational infrastructure in remote areas
  • Poor, unsafe and unhygienic learning environments
  • Lack of awareness for the importance of education
  • Students live too far away from the school to walk
  • Lack of transportation to school
  • Lack of places to stay at school or close to school
  • Low continuation rates from primary to secondary
  • High dropout rates and low attendance rates

The Objectives

  • To allow children in remote areas to access basic education
  • To increase literacy rates and set the foundation for a productive and self-determined life
  • To reduce school dropout rates
  • To increase continuation rates from primary to secondary school
  • To encourage parents and community members to support their children in education

It's starts with strong partnerships

We develop “smartnerships” with best-practice local NGO’s who have the vision, drive and community standing to empower locals to create positive change. Our partners identify communities with a high need for safe and secure school infrastructure.

We find the funds

Funds are raised by teams or individuals or donated by supporters, corporates, foundations and social enterprises. Once the funds have been raised, we send the money to our local partners so they can begin implementing the project and do what they do best – build a brand new school in Cambodia, Myanmar or Laos.

The school is built

Our local NGO partners engage with local contractors in collaboration with communities to build schools. Guided by a bottom-up approach, community leaders, government departments and the school committees are engaged in close participation and consultation from the early stages to develop and construct the facilities.

We report back to you

When the school you supported is complete, we receive photos and GPS coordinates. Our creative team produces an impact report to show you exactly what your money did and the community you impacted.

Where we build schools