What does it mean…and why are we so excited?

Monday 1st November 2021 was a historic day for Classroom of Hope. A Letter of Intent was signed between Classroom of Hope, our partner Block Solutions, our investors, the Government of Nusa Tenggara Barat and representatives from the Australian Consulate and Finnish Embassy.

The official signing ceremony took place at the second Block School, Sigar Penjalin.

The signing of the Letter Of Intent is an official announcement to all key stakeholders that we (the signers) intend to work together to build Asia’s first Block Solutions factory in Lombok, Indonesia in 2022.

The building of a Block Solutions Factory in Indonesia is something that we’ve posted about for months but worked towards for the last 2 years… and this Letter of Intent is the first milestone in making it a reality! We expect everything will kick off in high gear from here, culminating in the implementation and building of Asia’s first Block factory by mid-2022.

The land where the Block Solutions Factory will be built in Lombok, Indonesia.

With a Block Solutions factory in Lombok, we will be able to begin producing building blocks made out of recycled plastic waste sourced locally from Lombok. This means…

  • The recycled plastic used to create the Blocks will be rescued from the shores of Lombok, addressing Indonesia’s plastic waste crisis directly.
  • The cost of each Block classroom will drop significantly, since we will no longer have to pay for the blocks to be imported from the Block Solutions Factory in Finland.
  • The building of a Block Solutions Factory in Lombok will bring jobs and a green economy boost to the island.

With the amazing show of support from the Nusa Tenggara Barat government as well as the Australian and Finnish governments, Classroom of Hope and our local partner Yayasan Classroom of Hope Indonesia are closer than ever to embarking on our goal of building 200+ Block Schools on Lombok and expanding this amazing sustainable technology throughout Indonesia and Southeast Asia.