We are officially 4 weeks into our #BagWalkers campaign with 4 weeks left to go. 36 #BagWalkers have been walking, running, cycling, playing soccer, travelling, camping, exploring,hiking, fishing, DJing, teaching yoga, dancing, golfing and playing music with their bags. These bags are living the dream! Check out some of the wild and wonderful adventures they’ve been going on.

Kate Simpson fishing with #Bag13 in Denmark, Western Australia.
Jimmy Clothier after running 21km in the Darlington Half Marathon with #Bag32
Megan Grossi taking in the Toronto skyline with #Bag36


































Jan Courtin in beautiful Vancouver with #Bag28












David Smith rode his bike with #Bag35 for 30km from Claremont to Burns Beach.












Sam Maher busked around Perth playing a rare and unique instrument called a hangdrum with #Bag27













Our #BagWalkers are inspiring and surprising us daily with their passion, creativity and sheer determination to raise the funds needed to build this school for the children of Gitumba. We are just under half way to our goal of raising $80,000. With 4 weeks left of the #BagWalkers campaign we know we can reach our target. Keep up the posts, passion and perseverance #BagWalkers!

On this lovely Tuesday morning, we’d like to leave you with this hilarious and inspiring video put together by #BagWalker Derek Grossi. He’s trekking 40km with this bag wearing whatever his highest donator tells him to wear…we are eagerly awaiting how this turns out! Stay tuned.